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Books by Jesse

Jesse Coomer is a leading author in the popular fields of breathwork, health and human optimisation, with his works consistently ranking in the top most recommended books in their fields. Browse his published books, eBooks & Audible books below.


*Latest Book*
The Language of Breath

Learn to reconnect to your innate mind-body wisdom and bridge the disconnect between your body, brain, and the stressors of modern life in this paradigm-shifting book.


The Practical Guides eBook Bundle

Buy both of Jesse’s practical guides packed with clear and valuable information about using breathwork and cold training to improve your health and wellness.


A Practical Guide to Breathwork

You have been breathing your whole life; now learn how to breathe better to positively influence your mental and physical wellbeing with this practical guide.


A Practical Guide to Cold Training

A practical, nonsense-free guide that is the result of five years of training in the cold. This is the book that the author wished that he had when he began his training.

Want Some Bonus Material?

As a thank you for purchasing one of Jesse's books, you can get access to several guided breathwork tracks.

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