Online Courses

Combining more than a decade of teaching experience and his expertise in breathwork, Jesse offers a range of unique on-demand and live online courses to help you master your breath, unlock your physiology and improve your longevity.

Explore all Jesse's digital learning offerings below.

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The Language of Breath

Learn to form a healthy relationship within yourself to unlock the highest potential in your mental and physical health. 

This is a six week on-demand course that explains all of breathwork and how it is intimately connected with your emotional and physical wellbeing. For more information, click below!


Breath Applied Mobility

Unlock your physiological potential by combining your breath and body... and prepare for incredible results!


This on-demand course has been meticulously designed by Jesse Coomer and Dr Nicole Woodard by combining scientifically backed techniques and years of experience. You will move, breathe and perform better!


Foundations of Longevity

Increase your lifespan, and more importantly, your healthspan, using the most up-to-date model of aging.


Designed by Jesse Coomer and Dr Elena Seranova, this on-demand course covers supplements, breathwork, skin care, exercise, sauna, cryotherapy and more; all focused on tapping into your genes to give you a happier and healthier life.