Online Course

Combining his teaching experience & passion for breathwork Jesse offers a practical online course to help you take control of your mind and body... and master your breath.

Breath Mastery | 6 Week Course 


Welcome to a new way to learn breathwork. 


If you are interested in breathing better or learning how to use your breath to take control of your mind and body, this course is for you.


Over six weeks you will learn how to develop a breathwork practice that focuses on your own personal needs. We will cover breathing mechanics, interoception training, and a variety of breathwork modalities for you to experiment with. At the end of the course, you will have a breathwork practice focused on your specific physiology and individual needs. 


What this course is:

This course is focused on practical application of breathwork. We will cover the essential science and physiology, but only what is needed to build a productive breathwork practice.


What this course is not:

This course is not an exhaustive study in every breathing technique that has ever existed. It is not a collection of research papers or lectures on biology, nor does it focus on esoteric beliefs or contain any dogma whatsoever.


Course format:

Every week for 6 weeks, you’ll join Jesse for a live webinar, covering a different aspect or style of breathwork. Each class runs for approximately 2 hours and will be recorded. If you can't make it to a session (or any of them), you can keep up with the course in your own time.


What you get:

  • A practical understanding of several breathwork modalities & how they can be applied for you

  • A personalized breathwork routine

  • Recordings of each class to keep

  • PDF workbook with embedded videos


Class time:

  • Weekly sessions are held 2pm EST


  • US$399