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Online Courses

Combining more than a decade of teaching experience and his expertise in breathwork, Jesse offers a range of unique on-demand and live online courses to help you master your breath, unlock your physiology and improve your longevity.

Explore all Jesse's digital learning offerings below.

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The Language of Breath Online Course

Take the deepest dive into breathwork and self-awareness with this flagship course.  Receive a world-class self-paced education in how to form a healthy relationship within yourself to unlock the highest potential in your mental and physical health. 

This course will teach you more than just breathwork. Prepare to learn about yourself while introducing a whole new understanding to how breathwork and self-awareness come together.

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Resolve Rumination: Battle Tested Tools to Regain Your Peace of Mind

Humans have been suffering from overthinking as long as we have walked the Earth. This course is designed to teach you the three most powerful and battle-tested methods of breaking this cycle so you can reclaim your peace of mind. Take back your peace today with this focused self-paced course. 

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Recovery Breath : Addiction Recovery Focused Breathwork

This course provides valuable tools which can be used to reclaim your calm, balance your nervous system, and increase your confidence as you transition into the life you deserve to live, one free of the chains of addiction!

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The Foundations of Breathwork:

One Hour Deep Dive

Are you ready to begin your breathwork practice but unsure where to start or why breathwork even works? This course is for you! If you have an hour to devote to this course, you have all the time you need to get started with your breathwork practice today. With four powerful techniques and a bank of guided breathwork sessions, this is the perfect way to begin your breathwork practice!

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Foundations of Longevity

Increase your lifespan, and more importantly, your healthspan, using the most up-to-date model of aging.


Designed by Jesse Coomer and Dr Elena Seranova, this on-demand course covers supplements, breathwork, skin care, exercise, sauna, cryotherapy and more; all focused on tapping into your genes to give you a happier and healthier life.

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