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Share Your Breathwork Passion With The World

Become a Language of Breath Breathworker

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Do you have a love for breathwork and a desire to make that passion into something that you can confidently share with the world? Would you like to make it your career or a strong side-gig? Perhaps you are looking to add breathwork to your set of skills?

Developed by Jesse Coomer, the Language of Breath is a style of breathwork teaching, which makes learning and teaching breathwork easy, intuitive and enjoyable. It is a system based in science that can be applied to any technique and adapted for any audience, from workshops to one-on-one settings.

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What Is In The Certification Training?

The training provides a comprehensive overview of not only the science and how to teach breathwork, but also covers how to turn your passion for breathwork into a viable career… something that other programs never talk about.

Language of Breath Training System

This system of breathwork has been carefully crafted by Master Breathworker, Jesse Coomer, and it is based on the science which will be studied and discussed together in virtual class meetings before your Master Class Practical, which will be an opportunity for you to get face-to-face practical experience before teaching in the field. Coomer will teach you the Language of Breath Training System, and you can use it as a foundation for all of the coaching and training that you will provide to your future clients.

Group Breathwork

Leading a group of individuals in breathwork can be a marvellous experience for both you and your class! If you do this well, not only do your clients have a great experience, but you will likely get clients for your other offerings as well. So, it is important to know the elements of a successful group breathwork session. Language of Breath Breathworkers will arrive equipped with pre-composed sessions that are provided for them, but they will also have the deeper knowledge needed to write their own programming. Using the Language of Breath, you will be able to combine techniques together to achieve a synergistic result that your attendees will rave about.

Breathwork Workshops

Upon completing the Language of Breath Breathworker Training, you will have a template for conducting various kinds of breathwork workshops using the Language of Breath as a foundation. Some workshops you will be able to lead will include Athletic Performance Breath Training, Breathwork for Emotional Resilience, Breathing for Recovering Addicts, and The Complete Language of Breath System Workshop. You will be provided with a structure for your workshops that you can rely on to provide the best possible impact for your attendees. You will also be provided with a foundation upon which you can construct your own breathwork workshops for your own clients’ needs.

One-on-One Clients

One-on-one clients can be a large portion of your Breathworker income if you know how to identify breathing disorders and recommend appropriate remediation. You also need to understand the psychology of a coach/client relationship, have a grasp on how to structure a personalized plan, and how to charge for your time. Language of Breath Breathworkers will learn my protocols for working with individual clients as well as access to my most common client plans. You’ll also have access to Jesse Coomer and senior Language of Breath Breathworkers for as long as you hold your Language of Breath Membership. Yes, seasoned breathworkers will be there to give you advice for those times when you need it!

Breathwork Business Concepts

If you would like to make this passion into a viable source of income, and possibly even your career, there are things you will need to know that other programs never talk about. Most breathworkers have to learn all of this the hard way, but Language of Breath Breathworkers will learn the essentials of beginning your own business. We will cover insurance needs, taxes, advertising, and how to promote yourself on social media. You will also receive guidance on how much to charge clients, how to build your offerings, and how to construct your “value ladder.”

How Do I Become Certified?

To certify as a Language of Breath Breathworker, you must complete the following four steps:

Step 1

Complete the Language of Breath Online Course

The current online course covers nearly everything that you will be able to teach to your own students, and it is a perfect resource as you continue your practice.


If you have yet to complete the online course, enroll here.

Step 2

Apply for Acceptance Into the Program

Applications must be received by January 31, 2025. However, do not delay because the cohort may fill up before then. Applications are screened as they come in, and you will know if you have been accepted or not (If you've not heard back, please contact Jesse).

Apply for the Certification Program

Step 3

Join the Weekly Zoom Calls

Once you are accepted into the Language of Breath Breathworker Training Program, we will meet weekly on a live Zoom call to discuss the required readings and for instruction. These classes will be approximately 2 hours in length and will be recorded for those who cannot make the live call. The online portion will begin in April 2025. Exact times will be announced in March 2025.

Step 4

Attend the Master Class Practical

The final step in your Certification process will be held in the United States, and attendance is mandatory. This will take place in July, 2025 (Location and dates TBA), where you will train, test, and have the best time of your life! You will forge lifelong friendships and leave fully prepared to begin your breathwork career, whether it is a side-gig or a full-time profession that you seek.

Certification Training Investment Costs 

This training will open up more opportunities for your existing business or it might be just what you needed to begin your first side hustle. For all of us, it will be a way to spread what we are passionate about to the world, who desperately needs it now!


Language of Breath Online Course


The online course is available here.


Master Training & In-Person Practical


This in-person component includes hours of live online training, homework, accommodation and all of your meals. Acceptance to the program is required for access to sign up. Note: this is the 2025 fee.


Annual Renewal Fee


This fee includes updates to instructional materials, rights to use the exclusive Language of Breath Audio Content, access to the monthly Language of Breath Collective Zoom check-in, access to me for client questions, referrals within my network, access to the group chat, and all of the things that will come as this program continues to grow. Note: this fee is subject to change over time.


Referral Fee

One Off

When you maintain your membership, you will belong to the Language of Breath Collective. This means that we will be happy to refer you to potential clients. If we do refer you, and you accept the work, all we ask is for 15% of whatever you make. You get to keep the relationship, and you don’t have to pay a referral for any bookings you get with that client after that.

Ready to Apply?

To apply for this training program please complete the application form via the link below, or contact me if you have any questions.


Q: Does the Language of Breath Training Program certify me to teach Wim Hof Method, Buteyko, Vivation, or any other school of breathwork?

A: No, The Language of Breath System is a complete and holistic approach to breathwork that is in a category of its own. You will learn how all breathwork works and learn to apply the subtlety and nuance that you learn to create a complete and holistic experience for your clients, rather than just one style or technique. Language of Breath Breathworkers learn to use a variety of well-known techniques, some proprietary techniques, and how to create their own techniques in this training. You will be equipped with even more than that; you’ll understand the “tone and inflection” of all breath, which is the primary element of breathwork anyway.

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