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Jesse's Favorite Products

Jesse believes in the benefits of high-quality supplementation and in using high-quality products as part of a healthy lifestyle, and has been doing so for close to a decade. Below you’ll find some of his favorites, that he uses personally… and some nice discounts for you!



"The Oxa device is the first product of its kind, offering high quality feedback in real time. I use this device to track my HRV over time along with other metrics that I value in my breathwork practice. I often recommend this to clients and students."

Get 5% off the OXA device.

Use code: JesseCoomer5


Earth Runners

"If you know me, you know that I like the feel of the earth under my feet. However, there are lots of occasions when this isn't possible. The great news is that Earth Runner Sandals offers the next best thing, with a copper implant on each sole to add an earthing experience with each step."

Get 10% off Earth Runners.

Use code: JESSE10

Supplement bottles displayed on a countertop

KION Nutrition

"I've been using KION supplements for years because I love their evidence-based approach to nutrition & supplementation (and I love the people who work there). I love KION Coffee and I regularly take KION Colostrum and Essential Amino Acids to speed my recovery when cycling through the toughest fitness routines. I highly recommend this brand."

Get 15% off all KION products.

Use code: jcoomer

Supplement bottle, up close


"NMN is an experemental molecule that I suppleent with. You should do your own research before taking it.  I take NMN Bio because it is the most transparent brand and provides the most third-party purity checks out of everything else on the market today. I take 1,000 mg of NMN Bio and 3,000 mg of TMG every day int he hopes that I will live a healthier life."

Get 10% off all NMN Bio products.

Use code: JCOOMER10

Two chocolate blocks arranged on a bed of moss

Mandala Chocolate

"My friend and fellow pulmonaut, Rob Lenfesty makes the world’s finest craft chocolate, infused with certified organic, wild-harvested herbs from the Appalachian Mountains. Modern chocolate is often very unhealthy. That's why I love eating Mandala Chocolate; not only is it delicious, it's good for you!!!”

Get 10% off Mandala Chocolate by using the link below.



"I am a big fan of the cutting edge approach that BrainTap has applied to mindfulness. I am proud to be a featured breathworker on their app, offering a unique experience while optimizing effects with tech. Check out my sessions and many more on their growing app."

Experience the BrainTap solution for better sleep, less stress & clearer thinking.  

Note: As an affiliate of the above companies, Jesse may receive a small commission on every sale via the links on this website.

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