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Coaching with Jesse

Jesse has trained US Military, emergency first-responders, athletes, CEOs and thousands of everyday people seeking optimal human performance and a healthier, happier life. ​Jesse's style of teaching makes the information understandable to the average person, practical and focused on your specific goals.


Discover the in-person and online coaching options Jesse offers below.

Man smiling bare chested in the snow with a beanie

Workshops & Retreats

Learn from Jesse while meeting kindred spirits at exciting immersive workshops, seminars & retreats.


Topics include nature immersion, mindset training, breathwork, cold training, physical challenges, biohacking, addiction recovery & more! Browse workshop topics or check the events for full details.

Bearded man sitting at a bench in a park typing on a laptop

Online Coaching

Whether you’re an athlete or high performer looking to get to the next level, or someone who wants to address anxiety, stress or another health condition in your life, these comprehensive virtual sessions are fully personalized.


Please contact Jesse for details about his premium online coaching packages.

Bearded man sitting cross legged on a stool teaching a group

Private 1:1 / Small Group

Would you like to get in-person training from Jesse? This is especially valuable if you have specific training goals or are looking for guidance specific to your situation. These sessions can cover anything that you want and are always focused on your goals.

Contact Jesse to discuss how he can tailor a session for you or your group.

Have another idea to work with Jesse or interested in having him speak at your event? Contact Jesse

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