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Workshops with Jesse

With 5+ years experience teaching all things breathwork and cold exposure, Jesse brings a wealth of experience to every event, all delivered in a fun and engaging way!

Below is a selection of the workshops Jesse offers.

Contact him to organise a private event or you can view upcoming events

The Language of Breath

Duration: 3-4 hours

This workshop covers how to learn to listen and speak the language of the body and mind. In this workshop we cover all of the elements of breathwork; from how to focus in times of high stress, to how to enhance our minds and bodies to improve physical performance and be more resilient against all stressors. Attendees of these workshops will leave with a copy of Jesse’s book, A Practical Guide to Breathwork for their own self-study as well.

Athletic Performance Breath Training

Duration: 2-4 hours

This workshop looks at the three primary areas where breath training can help improve physical performance. Whether you are playing basketball or sparring in the ring, this session will give you practical tools to improve focus, speed recovery, and give you incredible stamina.

Addiction Rehabilitation Breathwork

Duration: 1 hour

These short workshops are designed for groups recovering from addiction. In these workshops, attendees will learn about the elements of their psychology that are affecting their behaviors and how to use their breath to find balance, poise, and ease.

Specialty Workshops

Jesse also offers workshops that focus on your specific needs and how breathwork and biohacking can be used to achieve the results you are looking for. Times, fees, and other considerations may vary. Please reach out to Jesse about your needs. Contact Jesse

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