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Jesse Coomer smiling with hands palms together in a forest

Feel & Perform At Your Potential

with Breathworker, Author & Speaker Jesse Coomer

Practical, Clutter-Free Keynotes

Since 2016, Jesse Coomer has worked to bring together the fields of health science and breathwork tradition into a framework applicable for any audience. Jesse’s talks focus on practical ways to perform at your highest potential while getting the most enjoyment out of life.

His clients tell him that his gift is cutting through the clutter and helping them understand how their bodies and minds can work together to achieve optimal health and performance. Jesse offers talks on how people can make positive improvements in the way they feel and perform.

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Man standing in front of a group teaching breathwork

With 10+ years as an educator, Jesse is adept at tailoring the message to the audience & keeping them engaged!


Jesse talks to a highly diverse range of clients including:

  • Corporate groups

  • Sporting teams

  • Elite military units

  • First responder departments

Jesse's talks are suitable for:

  • Keynote events

  • Corporate retreats

  • Team building seminars

  • And more…


They can be delivered in-person or via video conferencing software.

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Keynote Topics

Below you'll find Jesse's current keynote topics. If you're holding an event on a particular theme, he's also happy to create a bespoke talk. Contact him to discuss your ideas

The Language of Breath

This talk focuses on how one can learn to use their breath to sleep soundly, live a life full of energy, and possess a razor sharp focus. This can be done by learning the subtle language of the body. In this seminar, Jesse teaches attendees easy-to-learn ways to live in harmony with their physiology rather than working against it.

Emotional Regulation Through Breath

This talk is especially designed for groups in emotionally draining fields, and the primary focus is overcoming burnout. This seminar covers three powerful breathing techniques for breaking through burnout and emotional fatigue.

Tactical Breathwork for First Responders

This talk focuses specifically on the emotional and psychological hazards faced by first responders. Jesse covers the neurology of what is happening and provides the audience with practical tools to use to become laser focused on the job without letting that hypervigilance spill over into one’s home life. This seminar includes breathwork techniques as well as other practical biohacks to help first responders perform at their best at work and at home, getting back their joy, and getting a great night’s sleep!

Get a feel for Jesse's speaking in action by heading to his YouTube channel 

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