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Jesse has trained with breathworkers, biohackers, and teachers from around the world and has instructed over a thousand students in various modalities. He has also published two practical guides and his YouTube channel 'Midwestern Method' has more than 1.2M views.

Jesse's aim when teaching is to make the information understandable to the average person, without the fluff and in a highly practical way.

Discover the different ways you can learn from Jesse below.



Learn from Jesse while meeting kindred spirits in live breathwork sessions or Wim Hof Method Workshops around the USA! Discover the different events he offers.


Online Breathwork Session

Including a complete functional breathing assessment and daily breathwork plan, these comprehensive virtual sessions are fully personalized. Jesse will email you prior to determine what your needs are.


Whether you are an athlete, a high performer looking to get to the next level, or simply someone who wants to address anxiety and stress in your life, this is an ideal general session.


Duration: 1 hour

Price: $999/hour


Private 1:1 / Small group

Would you like to get personal training from Jesse? Especially valuable if you have specific training goals or are looking for specific guidance, these sessions can cover anything that you want and are always focused on your goals. Contact Jesse to reach your goals!



If you would like to book Jesse as a speaker at your next event, get ready for some learning and some laughs. Get in touch with Jesse to find out about rates and availability.

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About Jesse

Jesse Coomer is an author, breathworker, Wim Hof Method instructor, cold training expert, and a Professor of English at Vincennes University in Indiana. He has trained with breathworkers, biohackers, and teachers from around the world and instructed over a thousand students in various modalities.

His mantra is: learn everything you can, decipher what is happening, and make it understandable to the average person who is willing to learn.


1,000+ people taught


5+ years experience


Taught on 2 continents


1st-Gen Wim Hof Method instructor