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Jesse's Favourite Products

Jesse believes in the benefits of high-quality supplementation and in using high-quality products as part of a healthy lifestyle, and has been doing so for close to a decade. Below you’ll find some of his favourites, that he uses personally… and some nice discounts for you!

Supplement bottles displayed on a countertop

KION Nutrition

"I've been using KION supplements for years because I love their evidence-based approach to nutrition & supplementation (and I love the people who work there). I love KION Coffee and I regularly take KION Colostrum and Essential Amino Acids to speed my recovery when cycling through the toughest fitness routines. I highly recommend this brand."

Get 15% off all KION products.

Use code: jcoomer

Supplement bottle, up close


"I take NMN Bio because it is the most transparent brand and provides the most third-party purity checks out of everything else on the market today. I take 1,000 mg of NMN Bio and 3,000 mg of TMG every day to increase sirtuins and hopefully lengthen my healthspan & lifespan."

Get 10% off all NMN Bio products.

Use code: JCOOMER10

Top view of portable sauna on white background

The Heat Healer

"Together with regular cold training, I use regular heat therapy. I started using The Heat Healer portable sauna during the pandemic and I don’t plan to ever quit! It's perfect if you’re stuck for the space or cash to buy a full-sized sauna. I get all the benefits of heat and infrared therapy in my own living room."

Get 15% off The Heat Healer.

Use code: JESSE15

Two chocolate blocks arranged on a bed of moss

Mandala Chocolate

"My friend and fellow pulmonaut, Rob Lenfesty makes the world’s finest craft chocolate, infused with certified organic, wild-harvested herbs from the Appalachian Mountains. Modern chocolate is often very unhealthy. That's why I love eating Mandala Chocolate; not only is it delicious, it's good for you!!!”

Get 10% off Mandala Chocolate by using the link below.

Note: As an affiliate of the above companies, Jesse may receive a small commission on every sale via the links on this website.

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